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Friday, January 15, 2010

This was taking 2 days ago, Gavin loves to be outside just like Austin!

Gavin sitting up all by himself.

Austin and Gaving cuddling in Austin's bed!

Here is Santa, Austin & Gavin. I read the story "The Night Before Christmas" a lot before we went to the ward activity to get Austin used to the idea of Santa so he wouldn't cry when he saw him. It was funny he was the first to sit on Santa's lap and he just sat there and starred at him for the longest time. Even after he had his turn sitting with Santa he still stood there looking at him!

This is Austin's first snow day. He loved the snow until he starting picking it up and his hands got to cold. It was fun to have a little snow right before Christmas.
Here is Gavin resting after a nice big Thanksgiving dinner.

This is Austin's little friend Lemae. They were born just a day apart and have fun playing in nursery together.